Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Stitch in Time....Memories

Missing my mother ...Shown here at her book signing..
 Lynsey told me that she needs to sleep at the foot of her bed.
She said that doing the ABC on her quilt helps her sleep...Love...
 "X" quilt I made for my sister's birthday years ago.
My dear girl has left her WWOOF farm and  moved on...
With her music degree from Carnegie Mellon tucked in a drawer someplace,
she now knows she could be a farmer...!!!   Evidently spotted hens are cuddly
Dylan is playing cards with Lynsey...Crazy Eights...Oh, excuse me!!
Dylan and Stitch are playing cards.
 O'Quilts news:  A somewhat successful visit with their daddy today.
Between my sister and my DIL watching the children..I slept all weekend.
Why???   I do not know... Where is my sewing?  Nowhere to be found...

Lynsey has pneumonia and I am afraid that Stephanie does too...
I told her to stay in bed in the manana.
Tomorrow I will spend $700 to have a dead pine tree cut down.
 Hancock of Paducah and Equilter both asked for that money, but????
It is very hard to be a responsible grandmother!!!!!

I have gained all my weight I waddle like other old ladies...
at least my one new knee is perfect.

 Tigger took over the sewing room basket the minute Pumpkin
Tigger is afraid of Stitch..and look who wins...
 Please...these are potholders...No One wants a cat sleeping on their potholder to be.
As I wish I could do more.  As I am exhausted from doing what I do.
I try to remember this:

Life as we know it changes in a second.
Gotta keep living the life we have left
I would like to believe that that means...going to the grocery store...
AND, buying buy two, get three free ice cream half gallons...


m. said...

What a precious "poster". So glad we don't have to be brilliant rich or perfect...we just have to care. And look what a difference your care is making in your precious "grands"' lives! And you are teaching them to care for one another. Love the picture of Dylan (and Stitch) playing with Lynsey! And your sweet daughter is caring for you as she keeps you (and U.S.!) updated on her travels! Hope Lynsey and Stephanie are soon better! Continued prayers for you and yours!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Our store had a sale on ice cream and my DH brought it. I slept all day Friday now I sorted fabric and cut 10 1/2 inch squares for charity.