Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On the road again....Aspen and Drivel...not a quilt in sight

The hike to Mohawk Lake...my girl...
God help me...Ok..God help us all.
Lynsey still sick with pneumonia..Stephanie still out sick..
Last night, Dylan threw a fit and threw his I-pad...
The screen cracked, then the 6 year old cracked.
Then I cracked.
Evan cries at middle school homework.
Grandma cries at middle school homework.
My dear man never came back home.
My mind knows this.
My heart breaks and breaks and breaks.

I need a good week alone in my own house for respite.
That will never happen.
I cannot find myself.
I am looking in the scrap bins..no luck.
Of course, the minute the children leave, I cry.

I think I want Mohawk lake!!!
New kitty, "Stitch" wants to be friends with Tigger and Zoe.
No way, Jose....Oh, well...

I walk around my house like a zombie.  Doing nothing but napping.
When I awake, nothing has changed.
I have not sewn in days.
Heroin overdoses are everywhere.  My DIL has been to several funerals.
My son has to stand on the side of the road with a sign for money.
When he gets enough for a Heroin hit, then he can come visit his children.
Otherwise, he will go into withdrawal and be sick when he gets here.
What kind of life is that?

My girl is climbing mountains in Aspen.
She and her man are camping on top.
Life is good.  TBTG she texts me often.  She is my lifeline. 
I am too overwhelmed.
DIL has done her best to help.  Gratitude!
Guess I have to note that month 17 is not the greatest.
In the second year of grief...reality hits...with a big R...hate it.
Sooo, with Lynsey home still again today...
We went out to ice cream for lunch.
We WILL have a good day...
Way to go Grandma O'Quilts!!!!

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Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Oh, you need everyone to be well. Healthy thoughts wending their way across the pond to all.