Saturday, September 24, 2016

Being Happy...My Choice Tonight

My girl ate in a cute cafe where fabric was used as napkin rolls...LOVE
Yesterday, I ventured to a professional workshop for the first time in a few years.
Look what I made while listening..and earning my 4 continuing educational credits!!!!
I ordered the papers online at some site I forgot.
Started making them to sew at doctors' visits with my man, when he was suffering from ALS..!!
Now I carry them with me always...So pleased with myself
I even had lunch and a catch up with friends.  A very nice day.
If you are so is Nancy Frates on ALS
It has taken me all this time to even be able to watch it.
So inspired!
I carry my hexies in my cool and awesome bag I made a few years ago from a recycled orange sack.
Love see through things with character!!!

Here is my girl again on a rainy day in the mountains.
She knows I miss her daddy...
She sent me rainbows from out west!!
You Raise Me Up
(Josh Groban went to Interlochen Arts Academy and to Carnegie Mellon,
just like my girl!!!)
Now..this comes in:
Colorado camping...A mind changing
And so it goes...I have a free weekend...soooo happy.
Thrilled with Aunt Brandy helping Evan with his homework.
Actually just thrilled with Aunt Brandy!!
Tonight it is about being happy and sewing.
I have so many things to make and so little time..
Gotta get going now.


Rachaeldaisy said...

What a great idea to use fun fabrics as napkins in a cafe. It's fun to see travel photos, and that one with the rainbows is amazing. Those hexies look fun. I think I've got a hexie urge going on at the moment.

smazoochie said...

It looks like your dear daughter & her new husband are having quite an adventure. She is such a sweetheart to "bring" you along with them with her photos.
I am so glad that you are getting reacquainted with your hexie friends. They saw you through some hard times.