Sunday, May 13, 2018

How Grandma spent her Mother's Day

Some of my favorite things... 
My beautiful children
Pictures from 13 years ago..on my wall.
 Grandma's pig 100 years old, cats my sister embroidered 40 years ago
Little Red Riding Hood with wolf hidden under her skirt.
 Angel from Miami quilt show...forever ago
Cat hook from NYC antique store...50 years ago.

The cat brought me a dead bird, placed carefully by my favorite chair under the tree. My children both called me for Mother;s Day, one from Portland and one from his tent in the woods.  They said that they loved me. A great thing for a mother to hear.  I sent the grands to visit their own mother.  It was the right thing to do. 

Alone on Mothers Day, yet not alone..forging the future and how it will look for me.  The past is gone..the many family get togethers and dinners when we were younger and all alive.  They had their time.  OK...a few tears as I missed my mother and husband and grandmother too.

From the skies it seems, thick snow is falling...It is is fluff from the Carolina Cottonwood tree.  I have a vintage quilt batted with  this....I am too lazy to collect it now... My husband's death shattered everything.

Now, I am the grandmother...I am designing my future look:. I will be kind...when I am rested, that is..I will do the right thing, as I see  it...I will be eccentric...I have 4 irons and 5 sewing machines...I have two sewing rooms and have put the ironing board up in the dining room as the other two rooms are too messy.  Out on the screened in porch is a cutting station with a cutting mat.  If it were not for our nanny, Stephanie...and her OCD cleaning tendencies...I would have fabric stashes in the living room too.  She did say that if she finds fabric in the kitchen, she will quit.  She  keeps me in line.

I prepped the teacher presents for the children to make as thank you's...A bit of cutting and ironing to make it go faster.  Evan only has 4 , Dylan insists only on 2, but our dear Lynsey just loves all her teachers...She will be painting 6 potholders with fabric markers.   She stands between my legs at the sewing machine to quilt the stitches she wants on her presents...She swats back my hand so she can sew by herself...We enjoy this sewing time together.

I now have a book for longer in my I can scratch them off when done.
Further down on my list is water the plants. At 91/95 degrees for the past few days, I am too late for the seedlings.  Sad...If something has to go, I guess that is not toooo bad.

I could not wait for my grands to come home...Home they came at 6:30  No hugs, as they were fighting with each other.  A mistake in sending both boys to shower together....OMG the noise, I thought that bathroom was floating down the street..and, they had locked the door, so I could not get in.  They thought all that was great fun.. I did not...Lynsey made me brownies for Mother's Day...we played Clue Jr....where Evan and Lynsey fought over the game.  I took out my left over shrimp dinner from last night...they both wanted  it, so I split it for them...Grandma so not crying over having brownies for dinner...They have been home two hours...I am exhausted...All asleep while I have brownies and red wine.

A great week ahead.  A Sit and Sew tomorrow, Lunch out on Tuesday, Wednesday night quilting and all day Wednesday, no school with my son coming for a visit.  Great plans...a very nice thing.
School will be out in June with everyone passing to the next grade...whew...a close one...and I am going on an airplane for the first time in 25 years to Portland to visit my daughter in her new 1910 house...and visit my three dear online ALS support friends.  Life is good at 70

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Mystic Quilter said...

What a post Diane, full of memories both happy and sad but all treasured. The grand-children are certainly keeping you busy after their return from visiting their mother but I'm pleased to read that
they've all passed through to the next grade. Loved the thought of you sitting quietly sipping your red wine and nibbling on brownies. Wonderful news that you're going to be able to visit your daughter and see her new place, bet you'll have a great time!!