Sunday, May 27, 2018

The O'Quilt Week in Review...

Carol..presented the very first finish of our purple challenge.
Yeah!!!  Carol...Great job!!

Friday I had lovely lunch with 2 fellow travelers... a wonderful comfort.
Tonight I got all involved with my online quilting community,
put my sandwich on broil and almost burned the house down.

Ms Stephanie has been sick for a week.
The darlings have done some laundry and sweeping plus their regular chores.

Temper snit Thursday morning as I put elephants on the back of the potholder Lynsey made for her teacher.
She said the teacher was not the elephant type..OMG
She put on such a nine year old fit, that I had to redo the potholder.
When she came home from school, she said thank you...
it meant so much to have the foxes..instead...
Really.???..poor Grandma.
School thank you presents are all made now...

Third grade girl drama continues as Lynsey's best friend tells her she is sorry that she was ever her friend. Lord only knows what Lynsey says in return...
The school counselor frequently intervenes with lessons of compromise.

Second grader, Dylan came home with a hundred dollar bill that his best friend in school gave him.
The friend said that his father gave it to him and he had many it was  ok..
Dylan hid it under his brother's bed, so I would not find it.
He had planned to buy his 8 year old self an X-box like his brother's.
This morning it went back to the school counselor in an envelope...
She had called me in the first place to give me the heads up.. 
My son, who is doing so well now, told Dylan...that the only way to make money is to earn it.

What have I been doing?  Hard to go to bed at night and hard to get up in the morning.
Grief still steals the show.
Because of the above mess in sewing room number two
I have had to make sewing room number three
 Clutter free cutting table all set up on the porch.
Making flannel pillowcases for a friend with Bulbar onset ALS
UGH, that beast, ALS
Lucky me went to the JoAnn's sale...finding flannel for $2.a yard with the coupons.
A special lunch with a beautiful, charming and smart lovely lady on so made my day.
I just love this backing.
Was so depressed tonight missing my man..that I had to buy a bit from the 
Memorial Day sale on Equilter...I know he would understand...!!!!

Six days until my girl comes to visit.
My son has been coming every week to cut the grass...saving me tons of money.
He dealt with his sons on the hair cut deal and even paid for them.
He is doing some construction work now...TBTG
Methadone is a miracle to me.
He cannot afford medical detox...shame on our country
The almost 13 year old...hanging with his friends trying out things  his grandma does not approve of.
So grateful his daddy is back in the picture.

Making some changing pads and little bags for babies.
Easy and relaxing...not our babies..TBTG..
For the first time in a year, I went to Costco by myself.  I did not park in the handicapped
spots. I bought small things  like batteries, pineapple and baggies...
I walk slowly and a bit off balance...but really???
I walk...and I walk without a cane...

I watched this TED talk on joy.
I loved it.
How to Find Joy

We have had tremendous rain in Charlotte.
Before it comes, it is so relaxing to read a book on the deck.
Nice to report happy.


Mystic Quilter said...

So good to read the last four words in your post! Long may it continue for you. Sewing room number three???? Where is sewing room number four going to be?

Cjsmimi said...

Wonderful to check in with you again and see that you are coping and thriving! Your blog almost always makes thank you, dear lady. We are off in two days for IRELAND!!! Our first time there and visiting as much as we can in 12 days. What should I find and bring back? Fabric? I know that I'll "sniff" it out if it's to be found.
Love and blessings, friend