Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Foxglove, sewing and cutting grass....etc.

There was no school on Wednesday in order to support teachers/
My son came by to see his family.
Just look...for Mother's Day came a Foxglove.
He had kept it in his tent...He brought it from his tent in the pouring rain,
to the train station, on the bus to our bus stop.
Just for me!!. I am more than touched.
My cup runneth over.
 Eight year old Dylan had his first grass cutting lesson
 Where does time go??? Eamon started cutting grass at age 9.
Now he is teaching his son.
I finally finished my "quilt in the box"  a Wednesday night challenge from a few years ago.
I always love to see how different colors change the look
Mine was done with Civil War reproductions.
From Terri
From Marie
A binding finish...quilted by Terri...xo

I cannot figure out why I am so exhausted.
I had my physical last week.  The blood work came back just fine.
Answers...dear friends...answers!!!

OK..guess I am not that after sleeping all day,  I made myself a new purse.
This is my old loved, alas too heavy for me at this time after my surgeries/
 I made a new one tonight out of fabric, much lighter to carry.
This purse is from Mr. O'Quilt's beloved suede jacket.
I carry my man everywhere with me now.
Just showing now the details I am proud of:
 Inside pocket with Velcro and loops to hold the straps.
back loop
zippered pocket

Thick and soupy weather in Charlotte...
Nice to sew, to blog and to read a bit...


Michele Bilyeu said...

Absolutely fabulous...every single thing here! Tears in my eyes that Damon came. That he brought the utterly glorious foxglove. Absolutely glorious. Loved he taught his son to mow your lawn. His heart knows they are parts of him there for you now when he cannot. He lives them so much. He loves you even more from his sorrow over the pain he has caused. I love the quilts and the reminder that things take time...sometimes too much time..but wonderful endings are still possible. I love that you let old bag...baggage..go and are learning and loving the carrying of a lighter load. I love that you are so loved and that healing even for one moment, one day, one heartache and heartbeat at a time. You are loved, Diane. Hang on to the happy days and happy memories. They lift us all up. 💜

Barb said...

what a nice visit and that is a fabulous looking foxglove.
great sewing projects - that bag looks complicated you did well!

Mystic Quilter said...

Wonderful to read about the visit from your son and what a beautiful white foxglove!! Congratulations on finishing up your quilt and making yourself a new purse!!