Friday, June 1, 2018

Looking at the Good Stuff

Happy Anniversary my love
June 1, would have been 38 years today.

The good stuff is memories of a wonderful marriage
And the greatest man to love.

Oboe bag for my girl's reed making tools.
Embroidered by Ms Muggs
I made the bag from my husband's suede jacket.
He wore  it all the time.
I know we do not need to have these kind of memories,
because he lives in our heart...but  my purse and this bag are nice to have.
I loved making them...until I cried that is and Sherry had to finish the lining for me.

An epic adventure...
My three darling grands on their way camping to the wet mountains of
North Carolina..tent packed, I-pads already in use,
Even Zoe, our black lab, is in the car on the floor near their feet.

My daughter and her man are now sitting around the fire
making S'mores..with the children...all are totally excited.
My girl said that the camp ground is beautiful.
How lucky, such good stuff.

Grandma O'Quilts is finally calm and sewing.
Big bad thunderstorm missed me.
I finished laminate bags lined with Rip-Stop, closed with accompany the changing pads for baby presents.
Finished these just in time.
I have made a paper list of things to do...the old fashioned way.
I have found that lists in my phone just get lost.
I am so grateful for the peace now, listening to the rain on the windows.
The end of school drama is way too much for me.
TBTG they are all passing to the next grade.

All Good Stuff


O'Quilts said...

Good great!!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Lovely wedding photo Diane - happy, happy memories. The bag for Eimile will be treasured for sure.
Have a quiet and relaxing time whilst grandchildren are away!

Karaquilts said...

You are so clever to incorporate your tangible tactile pieces of memory into your everyday lives in such lovely and practical ways. I love the bags and embroidery and all the small pieces you have created. And I love that the children and their Auntie and Uncle get to experience camping ~ ~ and you get some quiet and restful air to breathe!

Sew on, dear one, I cannot wait to see what you will create next!

And congratulations on the anniversary of a perfect marriage. I so like the photo of the two of you. Memories are often mixed with tears, but that doesn't diminish their value, only increases it. And the plus side is that tears already come with salt, so you need not add further seasoning!

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

That was a lovely idea to make a bag from your husband's jacket. I am sure your daughter will treasure it. Those of us who have/ have had a happy marriage are the lucky ones, and have many times to treasure.

Kaja said...

You make a lovely couple. Making the bag from your husband's jacket is a beautiful way to make memories tangible. Enjoy your peaceful sewing time!