Tuesday, October 4, 2022

One More Happy Day

 My new lift chair the OT insisted on, came today.  So comfy.  My  home made Guatemalan cover  fits perfectly.

Sherry put it together...Of course no one likes it having their picture taken.  I do it anyway.  She deserves the rest here..
The shirt below Emily made while she was here....a test pattern with little grey sheep on white from my stash.
Instead of Prozac, everyone needs a sewing machine...Making bowls is sooooo relaxing.
My OT thinks I should keep it by my front door with all my keys in it.  So she just did it!!! 

Green bowl was made tonight as I enjoyed a Zoom
I gave Aoife this Halloween quilt, one of my favorites.  We made a story about it and Emily took it home.  Hopefully, it will be one of her favorites too
Emily says Aoife loves quilts....Good girl!!

I was just sharing with a blogging friend, that eventually the clouds run out of rain...too bad we worry warts..forget that.
This was such a lovely day.
One more big shout out for Sherry for fun lunch and my chair.

Most important joy today was my accomplishment in PT.  I walked all over the place with no pain on the walker...Just maybe there is hope.  He now wants me back on the cane....YAY!!!


shoshu said...

hurrah!!!!you're doing GREAT! you seem to have mastered the ability to let the sun in, even when it's cloudy, rain or no. and remember, although sometimes it's hard to see, the sun never runs out of light and shine. keep going, you're totally my ispiration.

Cjsmimi said...

So good to see your post and get an update. I miss your posts when they seem so far apart. I’m so happy to hear of your PT success. Health is our greatest gift, isn’t it? Keep up the great work! And…yes, Aoife is adorable.