Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quilting with kids.

When my husband made my design walls, he made the left over pieces into design walls for the grandchildren.     I took my 50% off coupon to Michaels and bought a felt board/zoo package $8 w/50% off = $4 and cut up scraps to supplement it.  Here two of the grandchildren are making pictures with fabric and eagerly looking into the scrap bag for other possibilities.

My oldest grandson is showing off the postcard he just made for his mother.  He picked out what he knew to be her favorite fabrics (Batman, Superman, etc.), he cut and pasted onto card stock that was already cut.  He used a glue stick.  Then he sat on my left knee and put his hand on mine as we free-motion quilted his postcard.  He picked out the thread that he thought his mother might like (blue, which happens to be his favorite color too!) .  Then he guided my hand as I threaded the machine. He then used the glue stick to glue his card to another piece of card stock.  I cut it later to size.  We then sewed the edges with the blanket stitch and he wrote on the back of it, " I love you Mommy, Evan.   He was quite thrilled with himself in the sewing room today.

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