Monday, September 3, 2012

The American X.....number 3

Celebration!!  Because there are politics whether or not we like it....This block is to celebrate that Charlotte was chosen to host the Democratic Convention!  Celebration!  Because I have waited ONE month for my appt at the Concussion Clinic and TOMORROW is the day, I am celebrating!
Now, my appt is at 3:20.  I am insisting that Mr. O'Quilts leave this house with me in tow at never know about convention traffic.  If I get there and the concussion guru is out of the magic pills....well, then I will definitely need lots and lots of support from my friends.


Debby said...

Good luck at your appointment, prayers that the Dr can help you get back on your feet!!! Bless your heart, Charlotte traffic any day is the pits, tomorrow, HOLY COW!!!

Melissa said...

I agree with Debby- best of luck today!!