Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The mindless job, well done!

Today was a good day.  Maybe it was the two phone calls and one visitor that I got, or maybe it was a combination of things.  But, I did not need a nap!!  I did a disagreeable job here that no one would want to do.   Only someone who had been watching woodpeckers on the porch for two and a half months would find it interesting!!!  I took the random spare pieces of batting and sewed them together.
Sliced the edges to even them, butted the edges together and did a loose zig-zag stitch...voila....new batting. 
 The extras were cut into 8 inch squares for potholders.
 I even organized:)
 The wonderful achievement:  6 new pieces of batting big enough for a cuddle quilt. And, a tidy batting corner:)


Courtney Lyons said...

Good for you! I have not tackled the leftover batting in way too long. And the drawer it is shoved into is way too full. You may have inspired me to do some mindless sewing too

Debby said...

Nothing like a little Making Do to get your motor running!!!