Saturday, June 28, 2014

Smile Time..

Emily sent me this sign from a shop window in Westport, Ireland...How smiley is this??!!

A big thank you to Muggs for an awesome R&R at the beach..thank you to Sherry for driving so I could rest and for the rest of my IQ quilt group friends for the laughs.  I sewed and sewed and had to make myself go to see the got a lot done as did everyone else.  I am back now in a much better spirit.  Unfortunately I left my camera at home so am waiting for other's pictures to share....waiting...and waiting...:)  But still smiling.
Back home now in time for.....
 Orange belt graduation at fun..
 Kinfolk from Dublin..awesome..hate that they leave on Sunday!  Without their wonderful care of my family here, I would not have had my beach trip.

I just started checking some blogs...
 Thank you Barb...for this wonderful technique   no strip nine patch.

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