Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Little Fun Break!

 Thanks to my sister Charmaine who took three children on errands with her today and thanks to Ben, who took the Mr. to the pool, in our new cool handicapped van...thanks, thanks, thanks!!  I got a little fun break.
I finished two potholders...long promised for different birthdays.
 I even used this fabric from Miami..ummm 30 years vintage??

 The other day, I got to stop by an antique store where I found these little goodies...They match our wedding set.  Today I cut some Basil to root in the
Attention all!!!!...I have a fabric room trauma!  
I cannot find my purples.
  Now, really???  Is my sewing room so very messy that my purples have disappeared?? 
 I asked my husband if he had seen them, but I got no answer at
New proclamation...I am not buying any new fabric!!!!
.  Do not quote me on this...I will accept gifts..!!! 
 And I might buy a fat quarter or two, but this is ridiculous...not to be able to find an entire stack of purples....
Of course when I find the purples, the no more fabric thing might change...just sayin'....

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Send me your snail mail address. I can spare a few purples.