Monday, June 16, 2014

Lovin the Links

My sister is going thru her things for a garage sale...hmm...she is quite careful not to exclude me from family heirlooms...ha!
She found these dyed fabrics she had made like years ago and brought them to me.  I washed bleeding and now I have something new to experiment with.  I just love that.
Thank you Charmaine!

 When I try to get happy and look for brilliance..I go to
 Rachel at Blue Mountain Daisy

And, now a calling for fabric for a friend in crisis...
 Fabric for Bea
I hope you will send her some like I did.

Oh, and by the way..I decided not to make Grandma's homemade chix soup or even Susan Branch's yummy stock.  I decided that I was just too exhausted this time.  So I went to Trader Joe's for stock and frozen veggies and did a big pot dump.  Result:  There is just nothing easy in life that is worthwhile(:  sad face.  Grandma, you were right!

 M&M time for me!!! 

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Rachaeldaisy said...

Oh you!! There you go saying nice things about me again and making me blush. Aw shucks!! You're the right person to get those fun hand dyed fabrics, you'll whip them up into something wonderful, or just enjoy admiring them for a while first.