Sunday, November 23, 2014

It all kicks......

By this time last year, I had at least 30 potholders ready to hand out to people for Christmas.  This year..nada...until today.  I just finished the potholders for the Karate teachers' holiday presents from the kids.
Here are the fronts:
 And, here are the backs:
The wonderful Karate studio is run by a husband and wife team and their assistant.  I Sharpied in painted toenails for the awesome women!!!  A relaxing day.. Potholders are the most relaxing of all...:)
A few months back, before my man was bedridden and we hired pricey CNA's,
I decided to buy the Evan..age 9 a sewing machine...
I am a sewing machine freak!!
I have some very expensive sewing machines and did not want Evan to start on those...
Then there is my beloved, Little Blue travel machine (Kenmore,made by Janome)... I cannot have that touched either.
 This machine was $143 on Amazon. It won the best beginner machine award.  I cannot believe all the things it comes with and it sews like a charm...tons of stitches.  Now it is noisy and the light is weak..but come on, for that price, it includes the bonus pack of... a walking foot, a free motion foot, a table, a thread cutter, a cover...etc..OMG. and it is like 12 pounds..

My Little 11 pounds just like the Singer Featherweight
I am starting to like this new machine a lot...hmmmmm  Do I want anyone else to touch it....No question mark key.....

I have the chimney sweep here.  Since Michael's sister's house burned down, I have been freaking about a fire in our fireplace...Peace of mind is worth the $$$$  Oh, NO!!  He found cracked tiles in the 40 some year old bill...$2500...I must need glasses.....grrr  Well...that too!
The children are at their Aunt's for the weekend...Silence is golden...

My man still so brave...glad he is here with matter the cost.


smazoochie said...

I'm so glad for your potholder break.
Maybe just no fires in the fireplace for a while (question mark)
So much can change in line short year.

ES said...

The painted toe nails are a hoot! You really crack me up! House repairs seem to be never ending! I'm going to get my sewing machine out and figure out how to work it, I've got new needles and thread and a pile of pink princess fabric!! I'm hoping to manage two pillow cases! And your missing question mark also cracks me up!! I can imagine you finding it in 12 months time, somewhere unexpected, you will be able to hold it above your head as if you had a thought bubble with a '?' in it :))

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Love the pot holders, personal presents are the best.
I have bright red toe nail varnish on, it makes me smile.
I have a new sewing machine, well it is an old singer but I call her Frankie because she seems to be made from several parts.
I would still not like to share her with anyone. I' m so selfish.