Friday, November 14, 2014

Love Languages

  When I was working with families, I sometimes used a book called, The Five Love Languages.  It is about communication skills and how to nurture folks in the way they receive it, instead of how you feel that they should, etc.

Today I think that my love language is fabric...Ha!! Ha!!
 If you are not a quilter, u totally will not understand.
 But, then this blog is supposed to be a quilting blog after all!

From Beth  came this chocolate:)  After all, I love all kinds:)
xxoo Beth
From Ita came a lovely Irish tea towel..that could be used for just about anything creative. xxoo Ita
And treats...from my neice, xxoo Brenda

Of course there are other kinds of sweet love too. Pumpkin is 15, Dylan is 4.

Today's update: My man continues to lie weak in the bed. There are so many people in and out of the house that when I went 10 minutes to Walmart today, it was time stolen.
Today we had the Hospice aide to bathe him, the CNA all morning to care and feed him, the respiratory therapist to check on the Trilogy breathing machine, the ALS nurse to bring the Cough Assist machine and the Hospice nurse to make her visit.  When the ALS nurse started teaching how to use the Cough Assist machine, my sister and the CNA were attentive. 
The wife here had to go outside to breathe fresh air, feeling dizzy as usual.
 We have so many machines around his hospital bed and so many electrical strips plugged to the max.
 I hope the house does not burn down.
The respiratory therapist said that her husband had ALS.  He lay paralyzed for 2 years, but then not to worry..... as every case is that is some solace.
  I am still eating M&M's instead of Valium.
 It is very nice to have Mr.O'Quilts family visiting from Ireland.  It is a loving boost for all of us.
Tonight all three grands are going to a free Karate camp from 7 to 10.
Should I make potholders or go to dinner with the family..The CNA is taking care of the Mr.
Dinner was lovely.

I want to hug my man, but I cannot as he is surrounded by machines.  I can blow him kisses...and his blue eyes can still twinkle and that is good.
 My daughter is dealing with this with aroma therapy...a different cure in every room!
 The dog is dealing with it by sleeping all day...good idea Zoe!
We are still blessed that tomorrow is a brand new day.


Catherine said...

Hi! I`m glad you have respites and family support. My husband had a different illness. We also had Hospice. I understand some of what you are experiencing. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


smazoochie said...

It seems like your home is a babble of love languages -- all speaking & doing what they need to get by.
You are with me.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I am so proud of you but especially your husband. You are a loving team.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Surprises are the best. I love the photo of the kitty and grandchild. Enjoy your fabric. Making things is so therapeutic.