Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The End of Wits...mine, that is..

The warm fuzzies from the awful situation we are in:..The special time spent with my girl and my sister.
While the CNA's are here, we have been able to sew...and as I said before...The Mr. likes his doors open.  So, we are all together.
Emily has made some presents for her nieces in Ireland: (Ava and Kiera:)
 Some cute zippy pouches with iron on laminate:
and clear vinyl from Walmart
Some "Frozen" pillowcases..
Those girls are 6 and 8 and they will adore these presents.
Meantime, someone around here gets more attention than most: she is getting a bath with 4 people attending!!!!
I am at my wits end.  Mr.O'Quilts is not good.  He was upset about something last night and when he went to pontificate, he couldn't speak and he started choking..He had to use two of his machines and still...not good.  So scary. 
 Today, His intestines do not work...again.  All the muscles that push food through have atrophied and there is disaster in there.  Hospice nurse came again today to try to regulate things...He is so uncomfortable.  When he tries to assist his digestion, his body starts to shake like Parkinson's...OMG  worse than scary.
  His right hand is shaking badly.  I think I have gained 5,4039 pounds eating and drinking my way thru this so one will be able to recognize me.  And, I still have no control over it.
No school today has meant terror in the grandchildren department. Finally I just had to cry.....all too much.
Now, there is some good stuff...and it is......hold on.....
 Yup, you are right...FABRIC...ha ha... fooled you:)
When my sister came on duty, Emily and I headed out to JoAnn's annual flannel sale...OMG...
I totally took all my frustrations out on the flannel rack.  It was, I think...about $1.47 a yard plus my 15% discount...heaven.
 I discovered that JoAnn's not only takes coupons from ACMoore, Michaels and Hobby Lobby...BUT they take up to 10 coupons at a time.  There were a few things that I bought full price and the cashier kept you have any other coupons...and I moved my phone to the next email..
.Wonderful and amazing...
Fun to see Sherry and Carol there:)  Fabric friends.
My sister is taking the 4 year old home for the night...TBTG...He is way too wild for a stressful day.
I am so trying hard to get a grip.


Michele Bilyeu said...

These are wonderful, darling projects! And I am thankful for any and all distracions for you, now.

ALS is a horrific disease and you have a right to hate it's horrors. This is how I felt about my family's battles with Alzheimer's and all of the down and dirty caretaking that all but wiped us out. These are horrible diseases but at least my loved ones didn't know what aS happening for most of their long years.

What we learn about ourselves in the battle between good and evil is the only reason I have ever seen for the 'why?' of any of it.

And it's not enough getting stronger and stronger. It is hell on earth but you are doing it.. as is he. He is dying a martyrs death minute by minute. I honor his bearing of this burden but I weep for both of you in all ways. May they someday find a cure or a prevention.

Mary said...

I am so sorry the two of you are having to struggle your way through this. I have so much respect for how you are dealing with it all. Capture your moments of joy where you can. I will keep you in my prayers.

ES said...

My kids run circles around me and I am sure your grandchildren are no different, I take my hat of to you for coping with them alone, let alone the other burdens you are carrying at the moment.

The fabric sale would have been a wonderful stress relief if only for 30 minutes :) I know lots of us all love to grab something beautiful and soft and bargain prices are the cherry on the cake :)

I'm so saddened to hear of your husbands worsening condition, it really does make my heart ache for you all. x

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I think of you and Mr. O often my dear....may this Thanksgiving bring some joy and peace. It is there....I have faith.

Big Warm Compassionate Hugs,

smazoochie said...

You all have been through it. Try to find peace, even joy, in knowing that you are doing it together.
Take care of yourself. I know in your precious free moments, sleep & sewing are what fill you up, but try to make time for a walk sometimes. I think the fresh air & a bit of exercise would do you good.
Hugging you from afar.