Thursday, November 6, 2014

Humpty Dumpty Changed Up

Oh, are the knowing kind of friend...sending fabric to cheer up sad times.!!!  
I just love all of it!!!
 The other night I had the grands pick out fabric from my stash for Christmas pillowcases.
Immediately, the next day they asked if they were done yet???. 
 Well tonight I did them...I think I am in the pillowcase mode for sure!
Lynsey's Christmas kittens...
 Dylan's patriotic snowmen...
 Evan's blue Santas...
I think I will put them away till after Thanksgiving.
A person should never take Humpty Dumpty literally...
Because it is all about emotionally falling apart, and it really can be put back together again...can't it??

Last night the Hospice on call nurse had to come to give my Dear vitamin K.  You see, his Coumadin was too high and there was some bleeding going on that was not nice!
  Who needs that when you already have blood clots and ALS.??
His nose is all bloody from the Trilogy mask he has to wear at night to breathe. 
 The latest thing is a 24 hour opiate patch to help with the breathing.  It is really working so that is nice.

Sometimes when there is stress, just one little piece of straw can make the entire haystack crumble.
Tonight one of the CNAs decided she was giving me 36 hour notice that she no longer was going to work Saturdays and what had I planned for that??? OMG
 Sirens always remind me of my mother because of her poem..and the way she died. Believe me there were plenty tonight.  I could hardly get out of the Karate studio with the kids when I saw car accidents everywhere with police and ambulances...,
Then my girl called.  She had taken the four year old and the dog for a run in a wooded path where she dropped the keys to the car.  It was the wheelchair van keys and the other keys were locked inside the car.
It was getting dark..OMG...
I do not seem to be able to brush things off lately...I feel sucker punched by everything..

 Stephanie...the reliable CNA decided that I needed another glass of vino tinto tonight.
Once Mr.O'Quilts was settled, she ironed the pillowcases for Emily and I...

She has become a convert. She too is buying a sewing machine... and off we go.....
Thank you Jo for the dinner tonight...and Michael for the awesome birthday present for my dear man.

Tomorrow is his birthday.  I am so grateful that he is still here with me.


Holee said...

Happy Birthday Mr. O ...I'm glad he is there with you too!

When we are fighting to stand, every little thing seems like a mountain to climb..but you are doing well, holding yourself together and I think those beautiful children help you do that. So cute are the pillow cases and so glad you had that time to make them.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Your gratitude for Mr. O'Q your dear mister, my sweet 'sister' is such a sign of the deepest and most meaningful kind of love that can exist in the human heart. Bless you for all that you are and all that you do.