Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Day

As I am still in my pillowcase phase, Evan mentioned  a friend's 10th  birthday party coming up.  He said that his classmate really really liked the Carolina Panthers and would I make him a pillowcase.  We decided on a fleece pillowcase as all my grandchildren love theirs...Voila...present made in 15 minutes...
If all of life's problems could be solved like this!

I just cannot believe out of control today.
Bday party invite for the 5 year old, karate for the boys, my sister overwhelmed and needing a day off, me crying over nothing,  cat throw up dried onto karate pants noticed just as we get there...a roach on the floor, my man's feeding tube leaking all over the bed and Emily and I together cannot change the bed,  so we have to wait 4 hours for the new CNA who is 30 min late.
 Me deciding to get a grip by cleaning my keyboard.  I flicked off the keys to get at the everlasting cat hair...and.....a key flew into fabric space...never to be found again...
And, now Tuesday is a teachers' workday...jeeze louize...
Training a new CNA...OMG
Then I overhear the regular CNA teaching the new one:
The Mister....very private, very calm in the bed..knows what he needs, likes to watch sports.
The Wife...high strung and emotional..bring her a glass of red wine as soon as you get here and then she will start sewing.  Once she starts sewing, she will be ok.


ES said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sure you didn't need to hear yourself being described that way. I hope maybe you can smile and perhaps laugh? Shrug it off and enjoy your sewing. That's easier said than done - I know! And crying is just natures way I guess. X

Bridget said...

Aren't you glad for the sewing. It seems to be keeping you at least somewhat "stitched together." Hugs from New Mexico.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I would tell your new nurse that it' s two glasses of vino. They only have to deal with the physical side, you are emotionally drained as well.
I love the pillow case, lovely present.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Lol! That's so funny!! At least there's some respect for the medicinal powers of red wine and sewing.

smazoochie said...

High-strung -- maybe, but still making gift pillowcases for sleep-overs, picking cat puke off of karate togs & etc.
Yes, Training CNA, please give Mrs. O'Q a glass of wine & let her sew a while, she has a LOT on her plate right now.