Sunday, November 9, 2014

That Ripley Thing

My dear man has not had any food by mouth for a month.
 He also has struggled drinking water. 
 Believe it or not, 
Today he started back on his mugs of Irish tea.  I was so delighted.  It is a drop of normalcy. 
 Now I was never much into the normal thing..ha ha...but believe me now I crave it. 
 So delighted to see Mr. O'Quilts putting down that Barry's tea today!!
Jo came to visit me the other day with dinner...look at the prized piece she made and gave to me!!
 xxoo For sure a gift of love.
 Tonight I was trying to go through my mess.(again)  I came upon some hand dyed charms...probably from forever ago.  They were screaming HST.  So I made them...just have to do a bit of a trim.
 I am just too tired tonight.
 In my mess, I also found a Christmas ornament from a years ago Christmas sale.
No, these are not cookies, they are felt cut outs.
 See how cute this is. Lynsey insisted it was a reindeer from the movie, "Frozen"  sigh....Don't you know that Grandma?? (I just discovered that it is the question mark key that has flown from my keyboard across the room!!!  I just had to do it with a pen.  That slows down the typing process  lol)

 So exhausted me tonight gratefully shares... a bit of the good stuff:)


smazoochie said...

No questions allowed! Simple declarative statements. And PROCLAMATIONS!
It is a metaphor to live by, I am sure!
Let it go!!!!!

ES said...

I'm afraid I'm really giggling at your missing question mark key!!! I haven't watched Frozen yet, I might be the only person who hasn't seen it yet! I've got two small daughters, so I am sure I will have to watch it a million times pretty soon :)

I'm busily trying to order some Chrimbo pressies online at the moment (the lazy way to shop!), and my husband is getting lots of notification emails!! Whoopsie! I've told him not to look as they are all gifts for him!!! (they're not really!!). xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

No more questions!! How wonderful Mr O is having his irish tea. Fancy finding a herd of reindeers in your sewing room.