Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Wednesday adventures of Grandma O'Quilts

Hello, my name is Grandma O'Quilts...Today there was no school. 
 I took three children for dental check ups this morning. 
 Then had to bring one back for an extraction...all the way to Mint Hill....

Hello name is Dylan and I am five.  I had a tooth pulled today and cannot wait until my very first tooth fairy experience...I am thrilled beyond belief!!

 Hello there...I am Lynsey and I am 6...I am having a scrap sorting experience...
I am learning cool colors, warm colors and neutrals.
So proud I am!!!
This afternoon Dylan and Grandma and Zoe were chillin in the yard welcoming fall...
We were thinking of our dentist,who worked all day in her crowded office on children's teeth.
She is 9 months pregnant and being induced tonight...
Like WOW!!
 Grandma treated herself by finishing 6 pillowcases..
I keep telling myself that it is only September and look what is ready for Christmas.
Last night ordered fabric I did not need from Hancock's of Paducah.
It was because I did not want to go to bed without my man.
From the outside looking in, I know it all... 
But, I am on the inside looking out.
I know nothing.

Obsessive behavior.. may look crazy to others, heck, it looks crazy to me.
Overeating chocolate, over collecting fabric, over worrying about my son,
It somehow keeps the grief at bay,. keeps the focus off the real deal.
It is my Morphine for my pain.
I miss Himself soooo!
I figure that it is my life and whatever works for me now..I will just do!!
And this is the season for atonement..Thinking about it.

 begin over
start anew
do the things
you want to do

erase trivia
overlook crass
pick yourself up
or you'll fall
on your

Alice Franzen Clemons Burt


Karaquilts said...

Oh, I wish I knew your mother and I'm glad I know you. Common sense has nothing to do with grief and pain. You have to live it and endure ~ ~ and someday you will look back and wonder how you ever managed. But you will manage ~~ and you do manage. Those precious children are evidence. Hugs.

Rachaeldaisy said...

9 months pregnant and pulling teeth! Love Dylans gappy tooth smile and that Lynsey is sorting scraps into warm and cool and neutral, that's impressive. There's worse habits than chocolate and fabric, Be kind to yourself.

smazoochie said...

Big toothless smiles seem to be popular at the O'Quilts' house!
I can say nothing about buying fabric to fill a personal emptiness -- I did it myself. Now, I will find things in my stash that I don't even remember getting.
Take care of yourself.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Love your pillowcase giving pile! Wonderful idea to stack up ahead of time. Nothing nicer than something new and pretty to lay up against at night and remember that you are loved and treasured! Now, make yourself some, too!!!!!