Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gifting Saves the Day

We have new neighbors..from friends.
She was telling me that she has been here for about 18 years leaving her family behind.
She misses them.
She has her own family now...four children and a husband.
This morning, I stayed in bed until 11...once up, never opened the blinds.
Did nothing.  Felt crazy.
 I came upon an old Guatemala tablecloth I had picked up on my travels years ago.
Pays to be a see!!!!
I cut up the good parts and made some potholder/trivets for them.
The runner features the national bird of Guatemala, the Quetzal.

Then I opened the blinds.
 I took the garbage out and a child's dirty sock off the table.


The purples now  have a single packed space of their own.
But, wouldn't you know, they miss the yellows and are complaining about the oranges.
Just cannot win sometimes.!!!
My sister and Dylan have a very special relationship.
They love each other totally.
Here is Dylan with Charmaine's dog, Reece.....In her new apartment
Comfy on the window seat with the Ipad and pillow and dog and quilt and love.
With all my hysterical worrying about my sister, the angels took care of it.
I could have minded my own business.
Maybe the angels will take care of my son too.
Maybe they will even take care of me.
Nothing in my long experienced life or my mental health work could possibly have prepared me for the loss of my husband...nothing...nothing...nothing.

Zoe and I are going to sit on the screened in porch now and talk it over.

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