Sunday, September 27, 2015

Top of the W

Festival  in the Park
Can you imagine???  I was looking around my sewing room.
Searching in drawers for something...
Surprise came with these already assembled four patches...oooooo
Found in the bottom of a random drawer.
Jenny Doan helped me figure the plan.
I am off to the races!!
Disappearing four patch
 So quick and so fun...Missouri Star folks are way too clever!!!
  I was looking for my mat that goes round and round...but of course, I cannot find it.
Nothing will stop me now.
I need a hole punch to make a few missing sight words for Lynsey...
I only have 4 hole punches...all missing in action
...Mud brain can only find staplers...AD/HD at its best.
Two happy thoughts on helpers.
When my sister started her move on Wednesday night, she had several folks lined up to help.
My daughter-in-law and her new boyfriend were the only ones to show up.
Aunt Brandy helped Evan with his homework tonight.
No fits...TBTG..Evan saves that for me...
I am so grateful!


livelymonkey said...

You have such wonderful helpers.

smazoochie said...

When I look for things -- it is astounding what I find! Rarely the thing I was looking for, but usually a distracting replacement. (Though, like staplers are to hole punches, often not a good substitute.)

Bridget said...

We just got back from an almost one month trip and I hid my laptop before the trip in a very safe place. I think it's in the sewing room, buried in fabric. I will look today. ps. I've been wanting to make a disappearing four patch and you reminded me of how cute they are! Thanks for the inspiration!

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's funny how things play hide and seek. I've never made a disappearing nine patch but I'm always impressed by their clever magic ways. 3 cheers for the helpers.

Debbie said...

free hugs, now who couldn't use a few of those!!!!