Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Coasters!!! finally

Today Emily got her Christmas package from me...Good Lord is the mail slow to England!  Well I had included in the package some of these coasters that I had made and I didn't want her too see them until she got hers...so she has them and here is my coaster post.
I made these from my "made fabric" and used the tutorial below.  I did not do the snowflake part, but used his  other ideas instead.  I found a roll of masking tape to draw around for the circle size I wanted.  It was important to use the directions below in using a larger square of fabric on the back or there would be nothing to hold on to while doing the free motion quilting.  I did not do the edge blanket stitch by hand, I used a wide machine double blanket stitch.  Since I had already made the scrap fabric, these went very quickly and were a lot of fun.
I even made a few in a smaller size to fit into the cup holder of my mother's wheelchair to catch the drips and to brighten her day.

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