Friday, January 14, 2011

No think scraps in orange...

Well, I was going on a 4 day quilting retreat that I had signed up for a YEAR was packed...10 UFO/WIP' from 30 years ago..a Georgia Bonesteel quilt as- you- go disaster..all hand pieced and hand quilted still in pieces; from about 10 years ago, the style then was charm quilts...hand pieced stars..partially done...and you get the picture on how old the other 8 are...Car was packed by my dear husband with lamp and sewing machine and 5 quilted quilts for show and tell, etc. etc.

Yesterday it was all cancelled due to ice and snow, unmelted, in the Carolinas.  Poor me!!  And, by the way, poor husband.  He has unpacked the car and it is all now in my living room.  I need help putting it back together...oh, I need lots of organizational help...maybe even a quilting maid service!!!.  So, I was so bummed out, that I decided to do some NO THINKING scrap quilting.  That is reaching into the scrap bag and randomly sewing scraps together, then randomly sewing them together without design wall or thinking.  Done now and here they are on the design the thinking begins...but how much fun and how measuring and no fitting seams and no patterns and no thinking...sigh!

And now, guess who is on her way to one more WIP/UFO.....? 

Well!!!!  This is a post note....I have finished the top and it is still tonight and it went soooo quickly with no matching needed.  Hopefully I will get it basted Wednesday night by my group and get right on it....unless of course another idea hits me:)  Maybe those Civil War charm packs by Barbara Brackman will come in the mail and I can start a Civil War quilt following her posts...hmmm  This is a great blog because Barbara gives history along with the instructions.

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Diane said...

Wow, you truly made lemonade from lemons. This nationwide snow has put a halt to many people's plans and it's too bad you missed your retreat. I've found that type of mindless sewing can be very therapeutic. Your resulting quilt looks great!