Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowed bound in Charlotte!

 We live down the hill and in the woods, yet still in the city.  We are so lucky..Himself went out today to move the cars up the hill and make a path to walk up there ahead of the sleet and freeze we are expecting tonight.  We have almost five inches of snow here.  It is beautiful.  The sleet and freeze will not be however.  So, in case we loose electricity, my laundry is done, the dishes are washed, the meatloaf is in the oven with enough potatoes for potato salad with the cold meat loaf sandwiches for tomorrow:)
 The batik quilt top sits now on the design wall like a good stew, it needs time...It will stay there for awhile while my mind ponders the borders.
 So, now as  an aside...I decided to make a few postcards with some of the corner scraps from the quilt.  I used some shiny embroidery thread from Long Creek Mills on the one on the right and on the left some multicolored thread from YLI.  I usually use a metallic needle, but I just wanted to use up this one, so I didn't bother.
 I will trim them, glue another card stock backing stamped with this great stamp from Hobby Lobby (with my coupon) and then with a double blanket stitch go around the edge just like I did on the coasters.
If you are ever at Mary Jo's in Gastonia for fabric, check out Long Creek Mills thread store  The thread is soooo reasonable there, that you might just start (continue) a thread collection too.

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Emily said...

very cute postcards! might have to borrow this idea ;)