Monday, January 17, 2011

Old Swedish Quilts

 I got this book.  There was a lot of looking, since it was out of print, but I got it and my heart is thumping.  Grandma came over on the boat from Sweden when she was 15, leaving behind her family. Impetuous 15 year old.  As you know, she taught me to sew and to appreciate handmade things.  That was enough for me to be excited about this book.  But, then I saw this: 
This is exactly the wall hanging that hung on our wall growing up.  I just could not believe seeing it here in the facing of this book. The writer put it in to show the quilts on the bunk beds.  But, it means so much more to me.  Grandma came to America through Boston, but we eventually lived in Phoenix, Arizona and it is on that dining room wall, every Christmas, that I remember this with great love.  My sister owns it now and has it hanging year round.  Even writing this post makes me happy with good memories.


Una said...

I'm glad you got hold of a copy. A few years back I met Åsa Wettre, and she stated that there were few books left on the market. My husband is Swedish, and it is nice to see all the frugal creativity that women of the past mustered up in their daily life. Take care

Unknown said...

AwEsOmE !!! So you have beauty and creativity in your DNA!
I knew it! And how wonderful your daughter has it too!
Love your Blog