Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cut up Jelly Roll Quilt #2

I have finished this next quilt with the Jelly Roll quilt top I made....cut up...Quilt #2.  Last post was Quilt #1 with the same Jelly Roll quilt top.
  Backing is from IKEA....but I dyed it yellow to mellow out the stark white.... 
 A few weeks back, Marie and Jean brought their cutting machines. My practice below....
While doing the non-stop, everlasting cleaning of my sewing room, I found a stack of coffee filters.  No doubt someone had posted a brilliant use for these, which I have of course forgotten(:  
I decided to use one here as a stabilizer and pattern for this little experiment.
Hope you are enjoying your Sunday....another beautiful day here in the Carolinas.

Oh, two Beths commented on Feedly as a good alternative to Google Reader and Bloglovin.  So now, of course I have all three....Feedly seems best, so I will stick with that one......for now..

Good heavens, I just got an email from my brother....bumper sticker said, "Parking for witches only...all others will be Toad."  Nice to have a brother:)

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Anonymous said...

Cute finishe and experiment! Coffe filters? I remember someone showing wreaths with coffee filter flowers... maybe that was it?