Friday, April 19, 2013

One more... lucky to be alive... Friday..

We are getting a storm in Charlotte...tornado watches and dark skies...hopefully, it is all talk.  My favorite time is the breeze before the storm.  Sitting in the back yard with my Azaleas and my favorite Snowball tree, relaxing, just like you know who...!

I am reading a real book, since I cannot read an electronic book with my concussion symptoms.  This is one of my favorite authors...I love her command of language and her take on life.
Today's finish is once again orphan block potholders.  A random pinwheel and a Japanese "X" block.

 Since my fall, I have started using things I love...I have learned that life has today, gone tomorrow...sometimes.  So, on the potholder below, I used one of my bakelite buttons.  It was hard...but a grown up girl just has to do the right thing!!!

 Also finished a cat food bag example to send on to Emily in Europe.  Now she will know how to make them herself.
 Spring in Charlotte is just stunning.  So very grateful for so very much.  Linking up to Finish it up Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts

My mother gave me this Azalea to remember her by!!  LOL..I took this picture to show her on my IPad when I go to visit.
One of several Clematis in our yard.


Angie in SoCal said...

Those are the neatest pot holders! So bright and colorful. And the plants are stunning! What is the red bush? So glad I came to your blog.

Gale said...

Oh I love Barbara Kingsolver so much! I'll have to find that book. I like her writing so much I sometimes don't even care about the plot.

tubakk said...

So happy and bright potholders. I love them!

Barb said...

I liked The Lacuna - enjoy your reading in that lovely setting!!
cute potholders. and I love the cat food bag, never seen that before, is there a tutorial on line?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures! Love the potholders and the reason why you really use them!

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

So nice to see you last evening at the guild meeting. It was fun! Love all your finishes - awesome potholders. You have such an awesome backyard where you can relax and read. Lots of pretty things to look at. I have a bottle tree too! It is a cedar tree with about 12 green wine bottles. I love it. My neighbor behind me said that when he has guests everyone asks about the bottle tree. I have a collection of blue wine bottles waiting to be made into some kind of wonderful garden junque.