Thursday, April 4, 2013

Judy's Grief Group

Dear Judy...the package is ready to be packed and sent to you tomorrow.  Look at the aprons I found on Amazon!!  I even got free shipping when I added my quilt basting spray.
 Here are the Fabric one/get one free at ACMoore last week.  The muslin squares are ironed on freezer paper.  The freezer paper can be ironed..and there are some extra muslin squares.  We taped the edges so the children would not color into the seam allowances.  It is all ready to go.  I usually scotch or masking tape the squares to the table for added stability.  The markers are permanent, thus the aprons.  I hope you and the children have fun.  When you are done, just mail the finished squares back to me.  Decide what you want us to do with the quilt them for a "mug rug" for their milk and cookies, or a mat for them to put a picture of their loved one on, quilt them for a little wall hanging, or maybe a tiny pillow to take to bed or??  Let me know.  Be sure to have the children put their names and the date and Miami on them somewhere.  I am including some fabric pens for that.  Let me know if you need anything else.
If this project is a success...there are always white T-shirts to be colored, sun visors, etc and other projects to help your children work through their grief...xxoo sending hugs.  Diane

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