Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Laminates and Snails

Just relaxing tonight on fabric.com when I noticed in the under 7$ a yard catagory....Kona Solids on sale for $4.66 a yard.  I think that I am the last one to know!!!!! IMHO it is a good deal. I just spent $5.99 a  yard at Mary Jo's today.. I looked through so many choices of Kona that my neck grew weary....cough...and I had to cut the cart back considerably.
I had already purchased these lovelies today...laminates at Sew Much Fun, in Gastonia..
Shopping more, you see...even.after a lovely day being taken out to Mary Jo's and Sew Much Fun and Olive Garden...I am trying to figure out small holiday presents now, in case my brain completely dries up later.
I do wonder how long I can blame my recent spending spree on my mother's love for me xxoo.

And poor dear Kristen, what ever will she think as things keep coming in???.
I am buying with abandon, fabric that is not on sale, just things that I want...like the "Cotton and Steel" group and the laminates today.
I am trying anything to keep my mind off of the awful.
Lynsey helps...while picking in her bean garden...she discovered with wonder... a baby snail.

My dear man pulled a muscle in his rib area today, trying to adjust himself in bed last night using the triangle..Jeeze Louize...too much.
Tomorrow, my IQ group is coming here to a house so disgustingly unfit...ugh..but they will come anyway and pretend that they do not care.  I just do not have it in me to clean.
We are looking forward to many visitors this fall...a wonderful thing for family to come.


Holee said...

What will you do with the laminates? They are so cheerful. I know all about buying to hide the awful. I did that this week too. It only solves things for the moment but just for that moment it gives a feeling of normal.

ES said...

I agree, I've often gon online to buy yarn when I'm stressed out with 'real life'.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Love the laminates and link. And too much for everything else, for sure! Survival time means you only do what you have to and if you're not planning on eating off of the floor, it truly does not have to be immaculate..or the counters, or the bookshelves or the.. Hang in there, dear lady..you are doing it. Just keep accepting the offers with an attitude of gratitude and forget the rest!