Saturday, August 2, 2014

One Fine Day...

Any day with a nap and some sewing, is one fine day...Look how this is coming along.  Here are the four blocks I have finished.
 Yesterday I went to the AQS show.  Thank you Kelleigh for the ticket.  I would not have gone without it.  I figured it was a sign that my pillow had become just too comfy and I needed to get out.  It was even pouring rain.  I went by myself because I was afraid to inconvenience someone if I pooped out.  
Look what I got.  I never even thought as to how I would carry it.  But, the lady asked me and when I told her that I would manage, she said that no that I would not..hmmm .  Then she carried it to the car for me.  Now, you have to realize that this show was in the convention center of a large city and parking was forever away.  It must have been a half a mile to my car.  With no huffing and puffing on her part, she brought it to my car.  Only then, did she tell me that she has MS.  OMG  People are so good.

 Tonight I made my first cut...calico cat..I got gingham dog too:)
 I could not resist this coaster:)  It is so me:)
 And for the p.s.  I watched my grandmother use this fork for all the years she lived with us growing up.  It has been in our family for at least 55 years.  The handle is smooth and soft.
 I think that Grandma would find me a bit foolish...but, I love it.
As I said, a very fine day.


myrtovl said...

Is it a GO Cutter Diane? I'm sure you'll have a good time playing with it. I had to ask my SIL to carry it all the way to Greece for me some years ago...

Mary said...

What at treat to go to a quilt show! Congrats on your new acquisition. I know you will really enjoy it.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I am so glad you had a good day. I can see that smile.

Courtney said...

What a lovely day! Can't wait to see your gingham dogs and calico cats. I didn't make it to AQS, so I'm hoping you have more pictures in another post... : )