Sunday, August 17, 2014

Saved by the not the friends!!

Since my sister saved the day by taking the four year old to her house to spend the night.  I chopped on these scraps to make them a bit more in tune...hmmm  I might stop the chopping now, but really chopping is quite therapeutic!!
And, because Mr;O'Quilts is watching the movie, "The Secrets of the Kells" with the 9 and 5 year old...for the third scary time, I was able to finish this skirt for the dear GD.
I bought three pairs of plaid shorts for the boys for school for $3.00 each. I took the third pair and made it into a skirt for Ms. Kindergarten.  Now I am not really about dressing three children alike in general.  However, being 100 years old and blah blah blah...It is way easier to spot them on the playground when I only have to look for one colored outfit.   You can see that my girl and middle GD seems to agree!!
I had better stop posting now before the midnight hour while I can still feel the gratitude..xxoo

Totally lucky today.  Not only did my sister come and take Dylan, but she helped the Mr. with the shower, and did some of my laundry.  Then my friend Michael showed up and put some grating on the gutters and his wife did my dishes!!! lucky..

To "ES"...I am trying to email you to thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog...but I can find no email address or blog for you and you are a no-reply blogger...So. I will say thank you now...mucho.!!!


ES said...

oh, I'm quite touched that you have seen my comments. I don;t have a blog, I just love reading everyone else's! x I've tried ticking a box with my email address on it, I wonder if it will work!

Barb said...

what a cute skirt idea - How nice to get some helping hands!

Holee said...

We will get through this, but not without our caretakers...I'm sure my son has days like you are having. I'm sure he's glad when he can go out the door and leave me and my problems behind. In the end you and he are there doing what only people who love us can do.

Just the smile on DGD face tells the story of your love. I never would have thought of making a skirt out of shorts..nifty idea!

I'm afraid I also do the fabric buying thing to just have that moment of happiness..we gotta do what little we can to prop ourselves back up and go on.

I'll be looking for shorts on sale now. I don't have little ones but I do sew for the Masonic Children's home in my town. I think the kids will be happy to get skirts instead of pillow case dresses!