Saturday, March 11, 2017

Coming Out of the Dark

Love says:....
Enjoy porch time with Boo and Stitch
 Flowers sent for Emily's birthday, from her husband.

 A darling gift for Lynsey, quilt and doll made by Mary Jerz

Hola friends....I decided to post because the above song was stealing my serenity.
At least now, I can type with both hands.
Either this shoulder replacement was dreadful....or..
I am impatient and over sensitive...or
St Paddy's Day and Easter  and Fintan's two year anniversary of his death are all about here,
or, it is because my girl is leaving tomorrow..
In the middle of nurture and indulgence, I am having break-thru pain in all areas.
My shoulder has a 10 inch cut with stitches and my arm is in a sling.
I cannot drive until the 22nd.
Today is day 11 post- surgery.  It feels like a million years!!
Life goes on around me...but I have not been able to see the light.
I cannot sew. That should say it all!!!
Love comes in the persona of my daughter
She has nurtured me, cared for me...organized me and spoiled me..
I could not have done it without her.
I am such a lucky lady.
She makes meals:
She does the doctoring and the PT and tucks me into bed at night.
She has organized some sewing things for me..
Early tomorrow morning, she leaves for her new chosen city, Portland, Oregon.

Friends sent presents and food.

I am better...ten more days until I am released from the sling and drive and live again.
This is the first day of typing so I am going to stop.
Thank you for all the emails and comments wishing me well.
I am praying that this operation was a success,


smazoochie said...

Dearest Mrs. O'Q,
Try to focus on the light -- I know it is hard when pain & loss loom large. Focus on love, you are so very loved. Sending strength & more love through the ether.
Hang in there, please hang in there.

ES said...

The shoulder sounds painful:( I hope it heals a bit each day, look after yourself xx

Cotton Farmer said...

Yes. Take care of yourself. We miss you when you are away (like, having surgery!) Boo and Stitch are such a pair silhouetted on your porch ledge. And what an amazing daughter you have. She is very kind, isn't she? You have come a long way in your recovery. Hang in there. Maybe you will be back to sewing about the time I will. It has been the house rehab keeping me from seeing. Soon, I tell myself. Soon I will sew again. And you will, too!

Karaquilts said...

It's a treat to hear from you! You continue to get better and better ~ ~ but shoulders are slower than some of the other places ~ ~ your hip will be a breeze after this!!! I'm so very thankful you've had Emily and so many thoughtfulnesses ~ ~ and I can't wait for all of the new quilting ideas to pour forth when you can sit and sew again.

Big (gentle) hugs and happy thoughts and prayers for you!

Rhonda said...

It's good to hear from you. It is somtrue the not being able to sew is a bummer but I'm helping you count down the days to freedom & praying for less and less pain. We daughters are a lucky bunch to have such great moms to get to care for from time to time!! Speedy recovery to you.