Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day Five after the Shoulder Operation....Looking for a "shoulder" song

Cannot type with my left hand
Cannot find an appropriate Shoulder song
Put Your Head on My Shoulders

Let me tell you about Hope
Let me tell you about my daughter
Let me tell you about my friends.

The doctor said the operation went perfectly.
His PA said it would  hurt for 3 weeks.
If I behave, I am pain free.
If I do not behave...AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Just so you know....My girl is a gift to be here with me.

LOOK how much my friends help me out!!!!
A Big Thanks to Eithne!!!!


Ellen Guerrant said...

I am so glad to see that your operation is over and that you are recovering. You have been on my mind. I've been so hoping you're not in too much pain!

So thankful your girl is there with you. That has to be a terrific help.

Keep taking good care of yourself, and soon you will be well

Sending huge hugs -


myrtovl said...

I'm so happy to hear that everything went well with your operation and you are enjoying your daughters company while you are recovering!

ES said...

I really hope you're not in too much pain. And I hope you'll have a wonderful pain free shoulder in a few weeks time. X

Cotton Farmer said...

So glad it went well, and glad your daughter is there with you! Do as the doctor says and get well soon! Thanks for the update. Blessings from the cotton farm!

Karaquilts said...

Shoulder to shoulder! I think I had sympathy pains yesterday!!! Hope each day is a smidge better than the day before ~ ~

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Oh I'm so glad that your shoulder op went well,I have been wondering how it went and when you would be able to post. How lovely that your daughter was able to support you. my continued good wishes for a speedy recovery.