Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mrs. O'Quilts Turns a New Leaf!

Guess what?  I sewed tonight, just a little.
I put one border on three potholders in progress.
Joy is in my heart.
Reminding me, of course of when I impatiently called the doctor 3 days after the operation, to complain, ..The message was: " The doc said 3 weeks, not three days"

I am back!  Not all the way....but back.
Almost 3 weeks in recovery...feeling better but so impatient!!!
Besides whining in dismay and pain the past 3 weeks, isolated and unable to drive or go out...
I have finished 10 CEU's online toward renewing my license
Learning from my dear man.  I took the tests right away before studying the lecture material.
AND, out of 10 one hour credits.  I passed 8 of them without studying...right off the bat!
Now did that make me feel good...OH, Yeah!!

Did I want to do this?
Did I want  to exercise self-discipline????
Oh, no......
I wanted to go out shopping
I wanted to go out to eat.
I wanted to be pain free.
I wanted to run in the wind.
I wanted to sew.
I wanted to write a blog post.
I wanted to dance with my man.
I wanted to be 40 again.
But, life made me do the self-discipline thing instead.

Thanks to Muggs, I have been reading!!
A great book.
I have partied....Yup...partied...But the parties came to me
Here I am at Margaret's bday party at last Wednesday night quilters.
Birthday parties on Wednesday nights are getting quite  clever.
Look at the apron that Muggs made Margaret!!
Look at the quilt that Drenna is making for Margaret.
Even though the quality of this picture is poor, you can see the bag with the picture of our group on retreat....made at Shutterfly, by Muggs and her mother..below..other Margaret!
Such great ideas!
Here is a card of get well from my Queen Bee group:
I was flattered, but somehow I only wish I was a Tough Cookie.
Then there was St Paddy's Day and my lost love.
I could not celebrate..
The day was dark....the night was light
as 18 of my widow group came to my house to ease my pain
and celebrate the holiday.
Let me tell you....I am one lucky Mrs. O'Quilts.

Tonight I am having a peaceful, easy evening alone
as the darlings are having supervised/unsupervised visitation with both parents.
This was Himself planning the music for the parade in 2011
You do understand, that this was only yesterday.
After all this time recovering...I have missed my blogging friends..
The leaf has started turning. It is a wonderful thing..
PTSD and Caregiving


ES said...

I am glad that you are healing up. I hope the pain gets less and less for you and your shoulder. It's nice to see how much socialising you've managed x

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I am so pleased that things are getting back to normal. It sounds like partying is now the best therapy after operations. Please don't overdo it though. Hugs

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm happy to read that you are making progress with your shoulder and to see you're back to being able to blog! Seems like you've had a busy time with partying.I find your words written about what you wanted to do very moving indeed Diane, some of them I experience too but I have not had the grief of losing my husband. God Bless.

Cotton Farmer said...

Diane, what a wonderful picture of your man. It is no wonder you miss him so. But we are so proud of you. Good for you working on those CEUs. And glad you're able to do more. Back to sewing👌 and partying with good friends who bring the party to you. Blessings!

Cjsmimi said...

You are, and continue to be, amazing. Not studying and passing 8! You go, girl! I am so happy to read and see the photos of your recovery and celebrations. You still have that beautiful smile...through it all.

Take care and hopefully we will see you sometime soon. XXOO