Monday, March 20, 2017

In a Fabric Muddle

A post I started without energy to publish.
That day.....
The lovely snowy day with bright sun and Carolina blue skies
The snow that started at 3am...enough for the cousins to get a picture.
By one pm it was totally gone.

My girl left that morning in a white Lyft car in the snow
She met her man in Seattle and headed out for tin whistle sessions. 
They have chosen Portland, Oregon over Seattle for the COL and the charm.
I had some tears but mostly I am empowered by her visit

I have not heard from our Bea in two months
That does not bode well for  her lung cancer diagnosis.
Bea, I so miss chatting with you.

Now a thought on fabric.  My collection spans 50 years,
Why...because I love it so.  I keep it all but what I give to friends.
Looking at it takes me back to where I bought it and when.
It takes me back to wonderful memories...Of my travels and Mae's discount fabric in Miami.
Of my friends I have sewn with over the years, of my grandmother.
I love to pat it, organize it, cut it, sew it and admire it.
Home bound with shoulder recovery, I have had a lot
of time to think about life, about,fabric, about, age and such.

I have not been able to throw myself into sewing. My shoulder forbids. it.
 My beautiful collection just sits to be admired.
Part of the problem is that I still struggle with cutting into my favorites... I have a lot of favorites.
I wonder now at my age how it will all go down.
Will I still have a chance to cut my favorites?
I know that I have enjoyed my stash.
My fabric has been an anchor when all else seemed to be gone.
Quilting is my meditation.
Just thinking now...when I heal, will I look at it with different eyes.?.
Me think I should put it in my will...
. I have enjoyed my fabric soooo much without cutting it...
My daughter and sister and fabric friends should take it and love it too.
 They can cut it all up for quilts to make people happy or,
they too can just admire it!!!


ES said...

You know what? After I've read so many quilters who say the same as you, that they can't cut into their favourite fabrics I came up with my own solution. I cut into it almost straight away, when I get it home! That breaks the spell and from then on its active and not to be 'protected'! I have only ever made scrappy quilts though! I love fat quarters and I tell myself why use four colours when I could use fourteen??! I greatly admire restricted colour palettes but I can't do it myself:)

Karaquilts said...

Hmm. Two things. One, I recently had a heart attack and then a year later I had major surgery. Those two events have changed a lot of things including the inner quilter/fabric fondler. I'm still figuring out just who I am now and how that manifests in my quilting world. I guess I'm experimenting to see what fits me now. So time will only answer that question for you.

But the whole favorite fabric topic ~ ~ Well, I am philosophically in agreement with you, ES, about cutting right into the magical piece and breaking that spell!! Great idea, but I have not yet figured out how to practice that. But I am determined to move my "just because I love them" quilt ideas to the top of my list because why should I will my most beloveds to someone who probably won't ever love it as much as I do!!!

So, I advise from my "sage" vantage point, Mrs O'Quilts, cut that fabric!!! Sew it, press it, sleep under /on it, hang it on the wall, move it around a lot :):) and enjoy the dickens out of it :):) and then make a will and share it in its completed state after you are gone. ~ ~ ~

http://thankfullga447 said...

I have a whole bookcase of my favorite fabric. I am sure when my DIL sleeps in that room says "those fabrics have been there for years". I do lots of charity quilts and people know about our quilts so strangers and church members just drop the fabric off at church. A stranger who I never met who died of breast cancer (young age) had the executor of her will drop off 3 machines and fabric. When I sew on her machine I talk to her all the time. Get better "time heals and rest".