Monday, November 6, 2017

And, so the Season Starts

Here is my Halloween Christmas cactus.
 Here is my Thanksgiving Christmas cactus
Both of them are around 6 years old.

]I received a robo call from the elementary school tonight.  They were reporting a new App....available next week.  It is called, "Here Comes the Bus".
With the district number and the child's school number, I will be able to tell exactly where our school bus is and exactly when it will arrive at  our stop..
.Is not that....Amazing??.

Struggling with my hundred surgeries and complications still...I just had to share this:
Waking up is Hard to do
Scroll down for the video.

Voila.. my lovely place to spray baste small quilts
Zoe loves to be included.

 This two sided quilt is done, but for the binding.  I just  love it...except.
I ruined it and I cry for that
I was humming along doing the first free motion quilting since my shoulder replacement.
Half of it was done, when the machine stopped behaving.
 The stitches became tighter and it started to pucker.
Several needles broke, I threw a temper snit.!
I replaced the needle, the bobbin, the thread, I re-threaded everything.
 I cleaned the machine.
 I talked to God.
I let it be and came back to it tonight.
Same thing.

I tried to free motion with feed dogs up and then with feed dogs down.
Finally I changed the foot, putting on a regular quarter inch and just sewed on a practice piece..perfect.
Without the right answer, I just finished it anyway..feed dogs up was the best shot.
Now the last half has puckers and frowns and has an irritable disposition.
Sad, sad Grandma Muldoon.

Tomorrow is my dear  man's birthday.
My Love, I miss  you so.
We all have memories..happy and sad.
Fintan, you are still my everything.

ps  Peppermint Bark ice cream is in the stores...both Edy's and Harris Teeter;s are here..
I had to try twice to find it....I like Harris Teeter's the best.
And so the season starts.


Karaquilts said...

Yum. Peppermint bark ice cream is the BEST (with hot fudge sauce, even better!) Those of us with December birthdays know these things.

Your quilt is still beautiful and a treasure ~ ~ only you will see and lament the cranky quilting ~ the rest of us will just drool and fondle!!

Quilt on, Bionic Mrs O'Quilts!!! so glad for your surgeries and the improved caliber of your life.

And Happy birthday to your beloved man and his wonderful memories.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Oh what a shame about your quilt and sewing machine. Good job you have ice cream. Hopefully the bus arriving at your stop in so many minutes will be a help.Your man would be so proud of you're achievements. His loves continues.

Cjsmimi said...

I love the last photo and I LOVE the quilt! Memories are wonderful treasures to keep forever...