Thursday, November 9, 2017

Midnight Crazy and the Eyes of the Turkey

If I call you, text you, email you, or just think about you..
If I post..especially...after the 10 pm hour...ignore me.
I am nuts with grief and distortion.
With the morning light, reason resumes..
Sewing helps too.
 A few weeks ago, Lynsey, age 8, reminded me that last year, I did not know how badly she needed a Thanksgiving I had made the skirt the morning of...
She took note of that, and told me that she was giving me early notice.
Oh my, Missy!!! 
 Grandma got busy right away.
 Last year;s skirt still fits..Next year, it will get a ruffle.
The applique on a black shirt was next.
But the eyes...were missing.

Now... I have button eyes, eyes that glue and roll, etc.
I am unable to find them  They are lost in my messy sewing room.
There was urgency from Missy...about the eyes.
It was from this awesome batik, that eyes were made.
Batik will not fray and these eyes are small.
The model here is happy with the outfit, but in distress about the shoes and tights.
Not black, or brown???
But, Grandma likes black.
They will not do...and neither will white shoes...
Lynsey has her own opinions.
 The model puts on a good would not know her angst by her smile.

 Turkey eyes ...all ironed on...
Grandma will do the peace and quiet
While Lynsey is  gone to her mother's  house for the weekend,.
Meantime, I was online tonight finding leggings in orange or brown..
Nothing like Amazon Prime.
Nothing like advance notice from an 8 year old.

I have a genius friend named Sherry.
She finished making these  pants that I started a few years back.
Not fitting anyone at my house now.
They fit her grandson AND, she was able to undo my mess and make them beautiful.
 I have started sewing, and  my disposition has totally improved.
Too bad that it  is almost midnight and I slept all day.
Like I said...crazy, crazy, crazy


Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Oh she is right about the tights and shoes, it's a lovely outfit. Will we get to see yours, made out of sweetie wrappers.

Karaquilts said...

You are the very best sport Grandma for those precious little people in your life! I love the strong opinions of this lovely Lynsey and her fabulous smile! and your batik eyes are just perfect. Save the rolly ones for something else (after you find them :).