Sunday, November 5, 2017

Getting My Strong on....

Quilt process/ life process...both unpredictable.
Who would have guessed that turquoise would be the answer here??
There is not one bit of that color in this quilt.
A red binding will be the finishing touch.
And, my new shoulder let me reach high on the design wall, pain free!!
Top completed, I am on to this baby quilt.
Into easy now-a-days.
The no-think relaxation kind of block.
My friend, Sandee....has made 76 potholders to match the aprons her church quilters have made as a fundraiser....You go Sandee!!!!
Bargain shopper here found two Halloween mice on sale at Marshal's
I put them on my ironing board for safe keeping.
Alas, no safe keeping...from Stitch and Boo
What is this one doing on the floor????
A Walmart sale piece...$2 an extra small dog outfit...perfect for American doll girl.
And lunch out...A "granny" shower!!!
This cake came from Publix.. Can you believe it???
It is a reveal cake, bought by mistake..ha ha
I have never seen anything like it.
When it was cut, all these blue chocolate balls came out.
Verv, very fun!!!
It was nice getting together with folks I have known for years.
Most of them I have not seen in 2.5 years since my husband's funeral.
Life just speeds ahead, everyone busy with their own lives...all of which seem exciting to me.
Retirements, new babies, new homes, special things that we all love.
Although the past few days have held a lot of angst, pain and longing for my dear man,
I am moving along.

My grandmother role modeled  for me.
She left Sweden, alone at age 15 and lived to 99.7
Even though many of her loved ones died during December, including her husband,
She always made Swedish Christmases to remember.
This year, I am well enough to try to share some of those things with my grands.
My husband was 100% Irish
I am 50% Swedish
My grands are 25% Cuban
And all a bit of American mix.
Guess we will try to incorporate it all into memories of our own.
I am excited.

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Karaquilts said...

That disappearing 9-patch is one beautiful quilt! Very serene and calm!!! Who would have guessed. You did well to keep on trying until the perfect border showed itself :)

Oh, how I love the American mix for your Christmas ~ ~ creating new memories by combinations of old ones is a great gift to the future. I like it. and I like that your new joints can perform as needed and that your heart can still hold excitement!