Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Once Upon a Time

The busy day....Kids all excited Monday to do the promised house.

After much 7th grade whining...
 We see a slight smile with pride, as our Evan shows off the present he made for his math teacher.
The teacher loves dogs..This is a plastic bag holder...
Can you see the cute dogs with a close up??
We are trying to teach here the spirit of giving to others for Christmas.
Giving from the heart...as in homemade.
In learning a task, walking through the fire to get to the other side.
In this project, Evan learned a few new steps...eg threading the elastic, and sewing a strap.
He so did not like the learning process...but was pleased with the result..

Monday night we enjoyed this Susan Branch recipe from her blog..
I had the soup all ready for an easy dinner before we did the Gingerbread house.

The ALS article I posted last time, was about folks in the service.
Athletes are also at risk...My man was an athlete with a severe head injury from a hurling stick....when he was in his late teens.
Yet, no one really knows what causes ALS...still
It is so awful.
So is the American health care system for catastrophic illness.
Most folks do not know this.
They have not been through it.
Their healthcare votes do not address the problem accurately .

Needing here to write more for my book...ha ha...so I can remember it all as I age.

My bro was suppose to come for Thanksgiving...I was so excited.
Alas, a change of plans.
Their old van will not make it from New York to Charlotte.
Since they live in their van, if it breaks down, they will be in big trouble,
It was 22 degrees the other night, he said...and living without the van would be dreadful.
He and his wife  have been upset that one of their cats died last week.
They have 14 left...down from 21..All the cats would not be happy in 22 degree temperature, either.
Kinda sad and kinda funky..
That is my family...gotta love them anyway.

Remember that day that I misread the school calendar and had the children stay home.
The symbol was end of quarter, not teacher workday..
...We all slept in...Well, .not all of us.......
Some were climbing trees in the back yard, while Grandma snoozed..

One is now so tearful and sorry She just happened to have borrowed Grandma's I-Pad.
to watch her favorite Bake-It U-Tube channel,
It dropped -somehow from the tree she was climbing onto the scooter below.
It must have been the wind.
It is smashed to smithereens....
She had hidden it in the garage for 10 days...hoping I would not notice.

She is so sorry.  So very sorry.
She knows that climbing a tree with Grandma's I-Pad was wrong.
I told her I forgave her and was happy for the truth.

Restitution for an 8 year old??? ..Folding my fabric.....!!!.
She promised to do it all week.
No, said Grandma O'Quilts..
You can fold my fabric for the rest of your life!!!

And just when I was counting Christmas pennies.

Ms Stephanie is sick....all activities on hold.
Sunday night, I was stressing with a dirty house and quilting friends coming.
Evan made an entire cake for me...from beginning to end.  It was perfect.
I am so proud.
He also cut all the carrots and celery, and peeled the potatoes for the chowder.
How proud is this grandmother???
So proud.


Karaquilts said...

Your post is such an example of everyday life ~ ~ mixture of sorrow, regret, joy, achievement, chaos and solutions. All of the ups and downs of being human. I think that is what I appreciate about you most, your ability to see the whole picture of life and not just the snapshots I tend to create!

Years and years ago when my fourth baby was born and my mother was helping, we each wrote a letter to my sister far away. I wrote of the little achievements and milestones that thrilled my mother heart; and my mother wrote of the ornery antics and ensuing chaos ~ ~ my sister replied: are you in the same house with the same family????? and that's me.

And why I so enjoy you.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love the ginger bread house and the special bag holder. His teacher will be thrilled with the personal effort that has gone into the making. Sorry about your iPad, I used to sit on my bedroom windowsill to read behind the curtains. I hope Stephanie is soon feeling better.