Wednesday, November 9, 2022


The chosen ones:
Can you believe this.  I presented my PT with  ten potholders.  He was to choose 2.
He said he was a minimalist , conservative and did not like garish colors.
Instead of the ones I made him, See last post, He chose these two...Guess I missed that one.

Got this book from an online used book vendor....Had planned forever to read it.  Unfortunately, I spilled an entire cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows all over it....Really???  Mrs. O'Quilts, really?
It is all dried so I guess I will read it anyway.
My OT told me to do weekend activities including her exercises: 
Get out of the  house and start a new project.
So, I made her a bowl in her favorite colors.

Below, my view from my sewing machine tables:
White Camellias on a lovely crisp sunny open.
In the spirit of potholder gifts....a piece of Marcia Derse..

I am a PT failure..I cannot stand on one foot on earth, only in the pool
I did not graduate from walker to cane, since  I fell twice in one week and total 4 times since I have been here.  All not paying attention nor doing the right thing.  This last time was going from the pool to dinner for my room.  Soo proud of all my exercise in the pool  I was full of myself...I stepped into the elevator and slipped on the entry metal with my wet swim shoes....jeeze louize....Flying went my fried chicken, flying went my walker and flying went this old lady.  I  was speechless. Nothing ever hurt but my ego,  and that is substantial.  

How else would I meet the med techs around here??
 My sister came for lunch today....a nice visit and nice help.
I was a bit on the Pearlish side when I realized that Medicare was dropping me from PT in a few weeks as I have spent my allotted time..However I carried on.....

My dear man's birthday was November 7.
None of us will forget him ever. xoxo

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Your PT must like green. It's always fun to have the recipient choose their gift from a group offered. The recipients of my quilts rarely pick the one I think they will.