Saturday, May 25, 2024

A Day at the End of May

 A lovely view from my patio this evening.

More potholders...I just love love  love to make potholders.  A small quilty thing with color and design to give away to folks who need cheer around here.  A  potholder without a binding is the same as a quilt without a binding...Color and design, the binding just gives the perfect finish.
Here they are in a basket on the wall by the door.  All first time visitors choose one for themselves...So wonderful to see folks carefully do their selecting. I probably have 15 ready  now...

May is going quickly...I mean, it is almost gone...Dear me...
Just posting tonight to share with all my friends...nothing special.
Still struggling here with hip adductor pain.  Wonderful PT folks just down the hall to help me.
Honest to God, I thought I would beat the aging angst...special me!!  Jeeze  Louize..!!  So wrong I was.

Instead of fighting reality, I am joining in now with others... My body may be betraying me, but my mind  is sharp  TBTG
My pride aside, I have learned the card game of Hand and Foot.
My ego did not want to play cards with the elderly.  Then I found that several were younger than I am...
Enjoying myself, inspite of myself.

Our library is 5 minutes from my apartment..Reading historical novels outside in the fresh air,  is one of my  favorite things.
I am so lucky and so grateful for those who surround me with love and support.

My racing mind has 4  new quilts to start and several in progress...yet I just sit here not doing much at all.
Then I get an attitude adjustment....That is just not so.  I went to an hour of exhausting PT,  took a nap, played 2 hours of cards, sat in the yard reading my new novel, met a friend for dinner.  I am so expecting more of  myself than my energy allows.
So good night from Charlotte.....It is almost one am...Hopefully I said nothing outlandish in this midnight hour.

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is definitely the problem in aging. Our minds are still going 100 mph but our bodies don't want to get up and do things. The more we move, the better we are able to move though so keeping as active as we can be is so important. I didn't think aging was going to hit me so hard either, the joke's on us.