Thursday, September 27, 2012

Walmart vs making the bag????

I must tell you that Walmart lures....However, the distressed looks on the faces of my friends last night and the total exasperation of my sister and Mr. O'Quilts....led me to make this bag instead.  
 I know you have seen this project before, as shown in this post.  Here it is again... I mean come on, it was either this or Walmart!
 Working with leftover screen from my screened in porch and vinyl from the Walmart that I used to know(:. a person can enclose a picture or print from a magazine in the vinyl.  The dog pictured here is from a dog food bag.  It is best to use batiks for these kinds of projects as they do not ravel and are easily attached with a spot of plain old glue and zigzag.  I like to use variegated thread for this funky look.  The dog part itself is a small pocket reinforced on a piece of orange webbing.

The wrap around straps are reinforced at the bag bottom with more of my friend, the zigzag stitch.

Other news:  Both my husband's MRI and Alexis' MRI's are normal.  Seems like Alexis has an undisclosed infection and has been told to stay away from our susceptible mother.  Grateful me is now going to sit in the sun and chill.  Mr. O'Quilts has agreed to take me to the Modern Quilt Guild tonight.

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Debby said...

Have a great time at you guild tonight. A night out with the gals is always fun