Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Mess

My mind is a mess!  I am having concussion relapses and there is nothing I can do about it but rest.  Now, usually rest is not my style.  Today it is.  Feels a lot like ennui...hmmm

  Himself is at tennis. He deserves it after working all morning to afford my latest treat:)
 I am trying to explain to Zoey, that I have always been a cat person.  She does not care.  She jumped into my lap anyway....hmmmm
 Sitting with my fake fireplace from Aldi, with my flea market quilt and the latest Victoria book that is just my style.  And how could you have ennui with me, says Zoey??????
 I ordered online this cool and awesome Verelux full spectrum lamp.  It is perfect.  I did not want to pay so much, but, like I said, it is perfect for me in my cozy corner.
 /Doing things with grace makes me feel better.  I am using the rug mug I made from Grandma's needlepoint.
 Always Diet Coke...but caffeine free for my concussion days...doctor's orders.  And pretzels enjoyed by Zoey and me...in the old fashioned bowls from when I was a child living on Cape Cod.  Red was my mother's favorite color then.  The whole cottage kitchen was red.

 I am so over everything I am making.  I hate it all.  I am trying to finish this for Finish it up Friday...but I do not want to.  And, I do not want to change the thread to start something new...hmmm
My darling old Milito has this large and growing 3 inch tumor on his hip...no pain, but not nice

 UPS has sent my package to Greensboro instead of to me....Tomorrow is my day...patience is my foe...

Writing my therapy post on this gloomy, rainy day makes me feel better already. I think I will cut the binding for the above quilt...I am ready:)  Then back to my chair to r.e.s.t....hmmm  And like my mother and sister are so fond of saying...."No sniveling"....Ha!!


Melissa said...

Hope you feel better soon, and I hope the UPS person arrives early tomorrow so that you have time to play! Yippee! :)

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Sorry. To hear about your relapse! This dreary weather gave me a migraine. No sewing for me either. It's my bed with my Cassie with the IPad. Hope your package arrives in one piece and soon!

Dora, the Quilter said...

You just go right ahead an snivel. Brain injuries are the pits--or at least healing from them is pretty awful--and it does seem to take forever!! (I wish I could type "forever" the way I would say it.)

smazoochie said...

Poor you & your concuss-y head, poor puss & his lump. Nowhere for things to go but up, right?
The needlepoint is charming. My Mom had a dish like your red one (though maybe not red), my sister-in-law took them all.
Sometimes we just need a break. No apologies.