Friday, March 15, 2013

Misc......up and down and all around...

  How hilarious is this.....She made a quilt called, "One Cat Shy of a Hoarder"!!  Ha ha...check it out here.

Moving on....Mr. O"Quilts and I needed some continuing education credits, so we went together today to a workshop on Teen Suicide..  Good thing that I had these with me to make!!!!!!!  It sort of softened things...

Back in the day, my children went to high school at  Northwest School of the Arts here in Charlotte... She for music, he for technical theater.  It was so wonderful then, even though we had to bus them across town.  As it happens, it is still a wonderful school.  During lunch we had a presentation that students had written...see it here..... Teen Health Connection, Youth Suicide Drama  They did a brilliant job!!  Standing ovation:)

The crowds and power points clicked in my concussion stuff...ever lasting, but Himself was with me and we carried on with some interesting lectures.  At home, exhausted, I realized how much it impacted me, even though I have been in the field for 35 years. I think the concussion has sucked my energy.  I am changed. I started feeling sad that I am not strong enough to take my grandchildren to the St. Paddy's Day parade tomorrow, etc, whining ad nauseum.  All  out of sorts.... I am...thinking I will just go to bed.  But, of course, what does a good quilter do first to try to get right with herself....a few four patches.  That, and the morning light is all that is needed!!!

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