Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The CIQ Challenge Great Reveal

Here we go...after  two months..
the reveal of our challenge.  Terri
on the left..a table runner.  Marie
on the right a work in progress.

Mary Pat below...a wonderful tea cozy...two sides!

Sherry shows her two sided strippy quilt.

Muggs peaks from behind her table runner.....and because this is my can see my wall quilt for my mother and not me!!!!  Yes!....I gotta take control someplace... This was sooo much fun, that we have decided that it is our first annual challenge...Guess you can tell the challenge fabric...the directions were to make anything you want using the fabric.  Fun...As always, thanks to Mary Pat for making the tea every single Wednesday night at my house.  And for my husband for making the bread and getting the chairs and vacuuming...For Margaret for laughing so 95, you surely do have a great laugh.  It takes us all to have so much fun.

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Rachaeldaisy said...

It's so wonderful to see how the same fabric was used in such different ways, and all so beautiful!!