Friday, March 22, 2013

Start it up Friday????

Today Marie hosted a CIQ bee Sit and Sew at her house in Waxhaw..So much fun it was.  When I am out and about with folks, I have to make my sewing easy, so I brought one of my boxes of 2.5 inch strips.  Silly me thought that I would empty the box on a jelly roll race quilt..Wrong!!  Now, I know about scraps.  They multiply in the night like rabbits and can never be used up...but I kind of thought that the strips would be different.   Here I am with the same box I you can see, hardly a dent!!!
 The quilt turned out a bit on the long and skinny side, so I cut it apart.  Below is what I got.  On the right, a cuddle quilt top and on the left strips for a strippy quilt or something else.  Here I am starting something new...again!

We also played with the cutting machines that Jean and Marie had...cutting out flowers and birds.  Jean had the great idea of first ironing Wonder Under onto the 5 inch strips before putting them through the machine.  Wow..this is the first time for me. I brought home cutouts that are all ready to iron on a quilt.

Updates on my mother.  She is from Phoenix...ha ha...I think she is really from the mythological Phoenix the way she repeatedly rises from the dead!!  My sister reported that yesterday she went to the lunch bunch with her assisted living and that today, not only did she get her hair done, but also went on the bus to Target.  A miracle.  She is counting the days till Cinco de Mayo when she turns 92.  She is has ordered a very big party for the entire world to come celebrate with her.

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Barb said...

what fun strips and strings projects.
What a fun Birthdate for you mom!
92 - that is wonderful