Saturday, March 23, 2013


I am doing the process thing to help me with this jelly roll cut up.  Putting it online gives a perspective that you cannot get somewhere else.  Already, I can see one of the issues...The lattice is too wide.  The top one looks better because the value on the border is similar, but it is too pinkish...I think I must be in my using up solid pink stage!
 Below was supposed to be a primary border, but I see that there is too much motion in it, so I stopped.
 The blue has potential because of the value, but maybe the chicken coop wire is not needed.
 The white just doesn't cut it.  So none of these works...yet.  This is why I have drawers of me that is...These borders are all three inches and will now go in the three inch draw for a life somewhere else.  Stopping now at the midnight hour....just sharing my process on the design wall on a Saturday night.
And why am I putting so much effort into a cuddle quilt??  I do not know.  Wanna get it right and too strung out to work on something that needs concentration.

Actually, an exercise in value is not a waste of time.  

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