Monday, March 11, 2013

Fun Auditioning Hugs and Kisses:)

Auditioning fabrics is my favorite part...input welcome....First, I went for the wine helped a lot here:)  

Second, I went for the boring (white bikes) .

Happenstance found my son's green shirt from high school  (He is now 28 with three children). 
 I think, maybe I can get my pastel look with  his shirt???
Not sure here if I need those bikes at all.....Strange?? My son shows no interest at all in the fact that his mother  has saved a shirt of his for 11 years......I just know that everyone else's son is delighted...ha!

This is an interesting post by Angela on Modern Quilting.  I do not really care what the definition is because I like to do my own thing...but I did find this interesting.  I identify with Deb on her post, too.

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